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A Quick History: Annapolis Sailing School

View of the Rainbow Dinghy Dock looking out onto the Chesapeake Bay. Photo courtesy of the author. Back in 1959, Annapolis resident and sailor, Jerry Wood was in the toy business. But, he realized there were no facilities available in the area for the rental of boats, he opened Annapolis Boat…

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Love a City that Embraces Wellness

When I was deciding where to relocate 4 years ago, I had a few boxes I wanted to check when picking my new home. First, I wanted to live on the water. Second, I wanted to live near large cities. And third, I wanted to be in a place that values and caters to a healthy lifestyle. Annapolis is a small…

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Outdoor Fitness in Annapolis

Warmer months call for outdoor living! Spring through fall, we’re spending more time on the water and around town so why not take your exercise routine outside with you. The feeling of being stuck in a gym can be hard when you have sunshine envy of those out and about. There is everything you could…

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