Maryland Avenue Shopping

Irish Fare & Hospitality without Crossing the Pond

For over two decades, the Irish Restaurant Company (IRC) has served Irish hospitality at their three local restaurants right here in Anne Arundel County. In 1998 Galway Bay was founded on Maryland Avenue in downtown Annapolis by Michael Galway. Anthony Clarke soon joined him as partner and…

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7 Dinner and Alcohol Specials To-Go

Soul – 509 South Cherry Grove, Annapolis Cocktails – Soul’s Craft pre-mixed Cocktails $40 tax included for 5 Cocktails Pour over ice and you are all set! (Regular $11 per cocktail) Soul Cocktails. Photo courtesy of the author. Chart House – 300 2 nd Street, Annapolis Food - Enjoy 10% Off on all…

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St. Patrick's Day with Galway Bay

St Patricks Day - a full day of celebrations honoring the patron saint of Ireland and Irish culture in its entirety through parades, activities, dining events, and other social gatherings. alt="Galway Bay" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-12129" data-processed="true" src=",q_75/" With the recent restrictions on the nation concerning the latest public health crisis, the holiday will be…

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