Maryland Avenue Shopping

Eastport Eats

Carrol's Creek Cafe. Photo courtesy of Bob Peterson. Coping with social distancing and the virus it’s intended to fight is having the silver lining of bringing the people in our community together in unusual ways that will continue to benefit us when the current crisis abates. If you live in…

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Art in Unexpected Places

Annapolis’s Art District contains many galleries and outdoor murals, but art also abounds throughout the town and elsewhere in Anne Arundel County, often in unusual places. At BWI Airport, for example, you can explore one or more of the seven art galleries and historical displays in various…

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The World Is Your Oyster in Annapolis this Winter

Oysters, with their luxurious texture and long-standing reputation as aphrodisiacs, are ideal Valentine's month fare. And where better to enjoy them but Annapolis, where oysters have been entrenched in the local culture for generations? Starting in the 19th century, "Annapolis was home to several…

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