Maryland Avenue Shopping

Leaf Peeping and Wine Sipping

The International Wine Review says Maryland wines are on the rise, and their quality and unique character are attracting new enthusiasts. That isn’t news to these three wineries, which have a loyal following for their wines. Here’s how to enjoy them this fall! A couple walks through the…

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Raise a Glass!

Cheers! Cheers to spring and cheers to sunshine and lets cheers to it all with wine. To do so, you needn’t travel far, as you can find charming and delicious wineries right here in Anne Arundel County. So let’s all raise a glass and explore a few of our local libations. Great Frogs Winery is…

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Thanksgiving Farm Winery

What better way to celebrate the season of thanks and togetherness than with a visit to Thanksgiving Farm Winery, in Harwood, Maryland. Doug and Maureen Heimbuch opened Thanksgiving Farm Winery in 2010 as the first commercial winery in Anne Arundel County. According to Maureen, it was her…

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