Author Nakeia Homer reminds us that, “Behind every strong woman is a story that gave her no other choice.”  From March 13, 2021 - May 9, 2021, Annapolis Town Center is home to the pop-up exhibit Kaleidoscope, an art installation that tells the stories of the women in our community and beyond. The enticement begins the second you spot the entrance to 1906 Towne Center Blvd. as the collision of color draws you in.


Kaleidoscope mural behind a red velvet couch

Kaleidoscope is an art installation that tells the stories of the women in our community and beyond.
Photographs courtesy of Alison Harbaugh.


“Kaleidoscope is a space where historical, modern, and local women meet. Our goal in this space is to showcase the stories, efforts and leadership of women. We are happy to not just tell these stories, but to also employ a full staff of women and provide income opportunities for women through classes, workshops, and events.” - Darin Gilliam, Exhibit Co-Founder and Creative Director.


In honor of International Women’s Month, this two-month long exhibit illuminates the crossroads of women from the past, present and future. Each story is told through a unique display of vibrant photography and art that poignantly convey the complexity of their experiences. After you immerse yourself in the stories, cross over into the next room through a flower-powered passageway and a geometric color fusion installation that won’t disappoint your Instagram followers.


Women in maryland History at the Kaleidoscope exhibit

Photographs courtesy of Alison Harbaugh.


The third section of the exhibit is a space for empowerment through reflection. Find the right words for you, or add to the mirror of mantras, as you absorb the power of positivity. The lessons learned through storytelling are expressed with art and end with self, a journey that successful women know well and are proud to pass along to their tribe. Take a moment to experience the full process within this unique space.


Our Rhythm Our Blues Exhibit at Kaleidoscope

By women, for women.

Photographs courtesy of Alison Harbaugh.


Once you’ve absorbed the full spectrum of story and color, check out the wide selection of local merchandise. Shirts, hats, candles, and teas are among the goodies that can be purchased to support local female artisans.


Kaleidoscope merchandise: hats, shirts, candles, etc.  for sale at the exhibit

Support local female artisans by purchasing from the exhibit's curated collection of merchandise.

Photographs courtesy of Alison Harbaugh.


Kaleidoscope is more than an immersive experience. The team has partnered with several events over the months, including one coming up on May 2nd - Yoga on the Green with Ashley Hillary. Tickets for the event can be purchased here. The creative space is also available to host your next workshop, podcast, meet-up, live stream setup and more. Hosting is available on designated days until May 9. They will provide a clean, open space and a staff member on-site. You will provide the rest of the experience. Click here for rates.


Kaleidoscope installation of multi colored plastic discs that reflect light as you walk into the space

Photographs courtesy of Alison Harbaugh.


Also, a big thank you to artist Irene Renon, for creating this downloadable pack of coloring pages that can be used to teach your kids about Emily Dickinson, Josephine Baker, Madam C.J. Walker, Chien Shiung Wu, and many more!


Annapolis has no shortage of incredible women and their stories. The Kaleidoscope pop-up exhibit allows our community to experience their journeys through the lens of art and provide a space for Annapolitians to safely gather as we recognize and embrace the strength and lessons women give to all of us.


Paper flower installation at Kaleidoscope



Exhibit Credit

Our Rhythm Our Blues - Curation

19FIFTYTHREE - Media and Design

Innate Creative Agency - Vision & Production

ArtFarm Studios - Installation

Photographs in blog post by Alison Harbaugh