Maryland Avenue Shopping

A History Lover's Itinerary

Given Maryland’s nearly 400 years of history – it became a colony in 1632 and a state in 1788 – you could easily spend a month in the state and visit a different historic site, museum, or attraction every day. But if you’re big on history and short on time, just a few days spent in and around…

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July 4th Celebrations Return from the City of Annapolis

It has been two years since the people of Annapolis and Anne Arundel County celebrated Independence Day in our usual exuberant style. In year’s past we celebrated with parades, festivals, fireworks, crab feasts and plenty of family fun centered around our historic waterfront town and its role in…

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Annapolis History Tours: Safe and Socially Distant

Annapolis, Maryland, USA downtown view over Main Street with the State House. Photos courtesy of Watermark, Explore the Heart of Annapolis and TripAdvisor. Nothing says Summer in Annapolis like going outdoors and taking in its historical charm or spending time by the beautiful waters of the…

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