Maryland Avenue Shopping

A ‘Pop-Up’ to Prop Up Neighbors in Need

Personally, the first change became noticeable when the morning newspaper started showing up a few weeks ago, knotted and dry in its wrapper, just outside the front door, and not in its usual under-the-car landing spot. It was such a simple gesture, but it’s just one incidental illustration that…

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Hungry? West Annapolis Has You Covered

Though it’s very easy to reach, just a hard left off of Rowe Boulevard, the main road into downtown Annapolis, visitors may think West Annapolis is simply a large residential neighborhood surrounded by water, Weems Creek to the West and the Severn River to the North. And even Annapolis residents and…

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Where to Get Your Artisan Bread in Annapolis

Are you a fan of Artisan bread – that warm, crusty bread of a particular shape? It can be round or oblong, skinny and long, small triangles or even squares. Artisan bread is less about the actual bread and more about the individual who is skilled in the techniques of baking it. Next time your plans…

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