Maryland Avenue Shopping

Shopping Local for Home Decor

A view down Maryland Avenue in Annapolis, a perfect street to shop for home decor during your visit to Annapolis. Photo courtesy of Visit Annapolis. Earlier this year when quarantine first began, I felt fairly content because I’d spent many years cultivating a home that I love. Fast forward six…

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Main Street E-tail Aplenty

Anyone who’s been to Annapolis knows that Main Street is made for walking and shopping, whether of the window or in-store variety, and that it’s made for doing so year-round. Photo courtesy of the author. As an every-weekend walker with my dog, Buddy, I love watching the street’s flags…

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Local by Design: A Shared Space Concept

In a virtual world where items are readily available with the tap of a button, tangible and visual elements have become all the more essential to creating personal shopping experiences in the real world. Local by Design, located on 109 Main Street, and recently at a second location in the Westfield…

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