Maryland Avenue Shopping

Date-Night In! Local Twists for Fun at Home

Hopefully, we’ll all spend Valentine’s Day 2022 in busy restaurants and bars, strolling down a crowded Main Street, sitting close for a concert at Ram’s Head, or in a packed audience for a local theater performance. But for Valentine’s Day 2021, many of us are still doing our darndest to stay…

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Face Behind the Mask: Sherrie Ward of Wine & Design

Wine & Design is located at 32 West St, Annapolis, MD. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Faraci. Wine & Design is a true family affair, the partnership of Sherrie and Scott Ward, and Sherrie’s sister Charlotte Faraci. Located on upper West Street, the bright, colorful studio offers teacher-led painting…

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Meet Local Artist Ronaldo Dorado

According to, “'Impressionism' entered the lexicon of painting at a time when French positivist philosophers and scientists were studying perception and color theory. Artists accepted on principle that Manet's style, which juxtaposed discrete brushstrokes of color rather than blending them…

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