Maryland Avenue Shopping

Hungry? West Annapolis Has You Covered

Though it’s very easy to reach, just a hard left off of Rowe Boulevard, the main road into downtown Annapolis, visitors may think West Annapolis is simply a large residential neighborhood surrounded by water, Weems Creek to the West and the Severn River to the North. And even Annapolis residents and…

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The Food You're Missing in West Annapolis

Looking for an off-the-grid walking tour, a unique breakfast or brunch destination, an Asian lunch buffet, authentic Italian fare (including high-five pizza), Belgian-themed cuisine in a charming cottage setting, a bakery known for artisan breads, a Mexican eatery famous for its margaritas and a…

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Local Favorites: Longstanding Annapolis Restaurants

Statistics show that most restaurants in the United States have a pitifully short lifespan. Ninety percent close their doors just a year after they opened, and the life expectancy for most of the survivors averages five years. A famous exception to this rule is the White Horse Tavern in Newport…

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