Maryland Avenue Shopping

Spring 2021- Wardrobe Refresh

Yes! Spring is on the horizon, and I am super excited because I did a complete wardrobe refresh this year. For my new spring wardrobe, it was all about simplicity. I chose soft shades, pastels, lots of pinks and creams, light layers, and the occasional depth of color and pattern. To help get you…

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Annapolis Boutique Shopping

With temperatures warming up, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe for spring. Annapolis is home to many shopping choices, but especially boutiques. Supporting locally-owned small businesses is always a good idea and when you can score some amazing new pieces, it’s a win-win. Check out a boutique or…

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She’s elegant. Confident. Whimsical and full of energy. She’s focused. Constantly evolving, yet always true to herself. She’s the friend that turns shopping into an event; the professional that works long hours; the wife and mom that lives down the street. She’s “casual living with a stylish point…

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