Rhiannon Gelston
Rhiannon Gelston


Rhiannon loves to lose herself in all things creative. She enjoys writing, painting, live music, traveling, sports, being outdoors, exploring, playing, spirituality, and energy work.  She has a BA in English and a MS in Occupational Therapy with a pediatric focus. Rhiannon just had her first novel published. It is a memoir with a twist called, Lark and the Loon, available wherever books are sold. Rhiannon grew up on Spa Creek in downtown Annapolis. Home for Rhiannon will always be the sound of the halyards hitting the masts on a breezy day, a pile of crabs saturated in Old Bay, raft-ups with friends as kids cannonball off of the stern, and time with family and friends, in, on, and around the Chesapeake Bay. After some adventures and experiences elsewhere, she is back in Annapolis, enjoying it with her husband, their five lovely and lively children, and their black lab, McNasby. Rhiannon feels so lucky to be able to raise her family in this wonderful town and is excited to share her love of this area through Visit Annapolis.
Local Faves:

Davis’ Pub

Outdoor concerts at Annapolis Maritime Museum

Navy Games 




Against the Grain

In Grano In Grano . In Latin it means “against the grain” and it is both the name and the driving force behind a fabulous new bistro-bakery in the Annapolis area that opened their doors in December 2020. In Grano’s unique approach is self-described as “a rebellion of what the mainstream…

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The Art of Gifting Beauty

Sadona Salon & Spa offers a full range of beauty and wellness services. Image courtesy of Sadona Salon & Spa. The art of gifting health, wellness and beauty seems apropos in a year in which both have been so challenging. When trying to figure out the perfect gift for a loved one, a spa package or…

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The Giving Plate – A New Thanksgiving Tradition

I love November in Maryland. With it’s whirlwind of colorful falling leaves, cups of hot apple cider, and firepits with family and friends, these are just a few autumn reminders of the simple joys in life. November allows us to take pause in some ways, as we catch our breath and self-reflect before…

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Sean Hetrick: The Musician Behind the Mask

Sean Hetrick. Photo courtesy of Sean Hetrick. On a small floating raft, nestled along the marsh on Back Creek, local musician Sean Hetrick stands, singing and playing his guitar, as paddleboarders and kayakers raft up around him. Some listeners just bob up and down on the creek, letting the music…

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