The holiday season is upon us, and following on the heels of a year like no other, our favorite community traditions return! Every business and organization adapted gracefully to the challenges, but there are few events so ready to be experienced live quite like the performing arts. As artists are known to do, theater production companies came up with creative solutions to bring their craft to the masses, from drive-in style projections to on-demand streaming video productions, to ensure those memorable holiday moments could be made in a unique way. This year, audiences can’t wait to take their seats and performers can’t wait to take the stage!


The Nutcracker ballet in an old mansion
The Nutcracker from the Ballet Theatre of Maryland.
Image courtesy of Joanne Marie Photography.


The Ballet Theatre of Maryland presents The Nutcracker

Like a flutter of birds, the flutes of Tchaikovsky’s Overture gently open the scene for the magic of a family Christmas celebration in the beloved classic The Nutcracker, brought to Annapolis by the Ballet Theatre of Maryland. What proceeds is a seasonal delight for the senses, filled with music, colors, light, and perfectly choreographed bodies in motion, as a culmination of tireless effort motivated by a sincere, collective love for the craft. Those who make it a tradition to watch every year will be delighted to see the full production with familiar choreography designed by former director Dianna Cuatto, who retired in 2020. Cuatto’s predecessor Nicole Kelsch spoke of the exciting return:


“After a year of an abridged version of the Nutcracker and without a live audience, we are excited to bring the magic of the full production back to Maryland Hall. The dancers are thrilled to be performing in a theater for a live audience again and are looking forward to getting audiences in the holiday spirit with this Christmas classic!”


Olivia Fohsz of Ballet Theatre of Maryland
Olivia Fohsz of Ballet Theatre of Maryland.
Image courtesy of Annapolis Discovered.


Much like the spirit of the holidays, the ballet is for everyone, with professional Company and student performers of all ages. With a consolidated cast last year, this will be the first chance students have had to perform the piece since Winter of 2019.


Classic Theatre of Maryland and Colonial Players return with A Christmas Carol

With the seemingly earlier and earlier onset of the holiday season, some of us are not always ready to jump into the feeling of cheer as quickly as others. Hence the need for the timeless classic tale of Ebenezer Scrooge. The Classic Theatre of Maryland (formerly known as the Annapolis Shakespeare Company) presents A Christmas Carol, adapted by Sally Boyett and Donald Hicken. As the story unfolds, those of us facing the holiday grumps can appreciate the evolution of Scrooge, and remind ourselves of the true spirit of Christmas.


Dexter Hamlett as Ebenezer Scrooge.
Dexter Hamlett reprises his role of ‘Scrooge’ in the Dickensian classic, A Christmas Carol.
Image courtesy of The Classic Theatre of Maryland.


Sally Boyett, a true gem of the Annapolis theater scene, is an accomplished actress, singer, and dancer from Broadway to Naptown. With Boyett at the helm, she oversees every aspect of the production as writer and director. Combined with a passionate and talented cast, the vibrancy of the theater is once again alive! Patrons can get caught up in the vibration of energy, and feel the emotion delivered in every line. In addition to 'Scrooge', they also have a line up of holiday cabaret acts. Learn more about their holiday programming here.


A poster from the Colonial Players' A Christmas Carol
The Colonial Players return this season with their rendition of A Christmas Carol.
Image courtesy of The Colonial Players.


The Colonial Players a not-for-profit, all-volunteer community theater in Annapolis, MD, will also feature A Christmas Carol this season. Located at 108 East Street in the heart of Historic Annapolis and a mere stone's throw from the Maryland State House, the Dickens classic will play to live as well as virtual attendees, making everyone's season bright! The show will run from December 2-12 and tickets can be purchased on their website


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