Maryland Avenue Shopping

Annapolis Premier Wedding Planners

Leave the details to the pros! Image courtesy of Adriana Marie Events. Spring is in full swing, and so are the wedding bells. I will be the first to say Spring is my favorite season for weddings. The season is new, the weather is warming, and flowers are freshly blooming. However, I am a bit…

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5 Outdoor Venues for Your Special Event

We are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Gathering for special events is within our sightline and, Covid-19 or not, an outdoor venue offers a lovely and unique experience. We are lucky enough to have several outdoor venues in our amazing Annapolis area so let’s explore a few of…

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Engagement Rings and Trends

My husband knows he can always brighten my birthday, our anniversary, or Valentine's Day with a beautiful ring. Rings with colored stones and crystals are my essential accessories 365 days a year. This year's jewelry trends are right up my alley as well: bold color overloads and beautiful…

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