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Black Market Bakers

As people began staying home last year, my Instagram feed became filled with people learning how to make bread from scratch. Like stir-crazy frontier folk, we seemed to meet the moment with a collective “goodbye gluten-free, hello sourdough!” I myself contemplated jumping in, but luckily Steven…

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Opening a Restaurant Mid Pandemic

Sergio Reyes of Tacos Friday opened up his Food Truck in the midst of the pandemic. Photo courtesy of Tacos Friday. A grim reality of this ongoing pandemic is learning about a business we love shutting its doors. I've done, and continue to do my fair share of online shopping to help keep businesses…

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Food Truck Tuesdays

Greek on the Street and KoCo Korean Food Trucks hanging out at the Crofton Farmer's Market. Photo courtesy of the KoCo Truck Facebook Page. Food trucks offer two things most restaurants in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County cannot, lots of fresh air and standing room space. Although lines are not as…

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