Maryland Avenue Shopping

Hammond-Harwood's Secret Garden Tour

There is something magical about peeking through gardens, exploring behind gates, not knowing what you might find around the next corner. I have been on the Annapolis Secret Garden Tour many times, and it never ceases to inspire and delight. For me, it conjures up memories of reading The Secret…

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Party Like the Pacas: Wine & Dine in the Garden

Picture this — it’s 1776 and you’ve been invited to one of the hottest parties in town: the honorable William Paca’s garden party for Annapolis’ elite. There will be oysters, lamb, sweetmeats, plenty of ale and rum punch, tavern gossip, and if you’re lucky, you’ll hear Paca himself regale his…

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134 Prince – Boutique Hotel with Historic Charm

The façade of the freshly minted luxury boutique hotel 134 Prince announces with certainty that guests are in for unparalleled indulgence. Opened in March 2021, the exclusive 5-suite hotel has already become a top choice among visitors to the area, setting the gold standard for hotel…

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