Maryland Avenue Shopping

The Trophy Room: A Winning Addition to West Street

When the Graduate Annapolis hotel opened in October 2019, it was a welcome addition to our hospitality scene, with creative décor that reflected us well including maritime signal flags behind the reception desk, an atrium filled with vintage ship paintings, and a life-size photo of USNA…

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Against the Grain

In Grano In Grano . In Latin it means “against the grain” and it is both the name and the driving force behind a fabulous new bistro-bakery in the Annapolis area that opened their doors in December 2020. In Grano’s unique approach is self-described as “a rebellion of what the mainstream…

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Playing Hooky: 5 Spots for Kid-Friendly Eats!

That wink and a smile, someone is happy with their kid-friendly lunch! Photo courtesy of Miss Shirley's Whether they recently returned to in-person learning or are still doing it from home, kids of all ages are bound to have a more-stressful-than-normal start to the 2020 school year. Parents…

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