Maryland Avenue Shopping

Loving a Town that Embraces Wine Culture

Moving back to Annapolis after spending years in California was quite the adjustment at first. My drink of choice naturally became wine and I became quite passionate about wine culture. After spending weekends in Napa and learning more on the craft of wine making, I was hooked. I love how versatile…

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Great Frogs Offers More Than Wine with Workshops

Great Frogs Winery is located on a historic farm in Annapolis (established in 1681) and specializes in artisan-crafted boutique wines. A visit transports you to a beautiful country vineyard and working farm where they showcase the wines they’ve carefully produced from grapes grown on-site in the…

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Annapolis' Most Instagram-Worthy Dining Spots

One of the reasons I enjoy being such an avid foodie is because of the pictures. Food pictures! Everyone must see what I am eating! Yes, I am that person that will halt all proceedings just to capture the perfect shot of whatever I’m about to devour. Behind every foodie is a patient friend, family…

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