Maryland Avenue Shopping

Concierge Desk, Westin BWI

I like good smelling things. Candles, oils, hand soaps, you get it. In my home, something is always burning, diffusing or being rubbed into my skin. Certain scents evoke peace, calm, memories and feelings for me, and after this past year, I’ll do anything to think and feel good thoughts which…

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134 Prince – Boutique Hotel with Historic Charm

The façade of the freshly minted luxury boutique hotel 134 Prince announces with certainty that guests are in for unparalleled indulgence. Opened in March 2021, the exclusive 5-suite hotel has already become a top choice among visitors to the area, setting the gold standard for hotel…

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Concierge Desk: Doubletree by Hilton Annapolis

If you really want to get people trash-talking around Annapolis streets, just ask them where you can get the best cream of crab soup. That question alone is enough to silence a room, sending people to grab their pitchforks, draw their lines of loyalty and prepare for battle. But somewhere in the…

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