Maryland Avenue Shopping

Kids Making History Tour

All over Annapolis, you can find vibrant displays of art. Whether you are captivated by the vivid color contrasts of the colonial row houses in the historic district or admiring a vintage masterpiece in the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery, there is no shortage of artistry to experience. However…

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Annapolis Collection Gallery

The Annapolis Collection Gallery is located in the last historic block of West Street, fittingly beneath the watchful eye of the mural next door painted by one of the gallery's master artists, Jeff Huntington. The gallery was founded 15 years ago as owner and curator, Katherine Burke, moved…

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Get Crafty this Holiday Season

After a season of heightened consumerism, nothing helps me recenter quite like making things with my hands. It helps me quiet my mind and refocus my attention on the things that bring me joy. Luckily in Annapolis, whether you’re a crafting newcomer or a celebrated professional, there are plenty of…

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