Author, Lindsay Bolin Lowery.
Lindsay Bolin Lowery


Lindsay Bolin Lowery is an artist and writer whose work is informed by her love of food, culture, and landscapes of the Chesapeake Bay region. She is owner of LBo Craft, studio manager of Art at Large, Inc., as well as a teaching artist for Future History Now and ArtFarm Annapolis. She has been a blogger with Visit Annapolis since 2015.  You can find Lindsay's work at
Local Faves:
-Sailor Oyster Bar
-Black Market Bakers
-Kim Hovell Studio

Spook-tacular Halloween Celebrations

Pumpkins lined up at Misty Valley Farms in Crofton. Photo courtesy of Misty Valley Farms. 2020 may be winning the award for our most frightful year in recent history, but the fun of fright is just around the corner! Halloween is this weekend, and while there may be some shake-ups from normal…

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Sounds of September: Live Music in Annapolis

Mixed Business Duo plays at Ketch 22 as part of their live music series this month. Photo courtesy of Mixed Business. Summer may be fizzling out, but you’d never know it upon spending time in Annapolis. Maryland’s nice weather can last well into November, so we’re taking full advantage of the…

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Inclusive Annapolis: Virtual Pride 2020

Images from / Devon Rowland Photography / Michael Key, Washington Blade Not that long ago, Jeremy Browning and other members of the Annapolis LGBTQ+ community had to travel to D.C. or Baltimore to celebrate Pride each June, the month nationally designated for celebration of the…

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Bringing Annapolis to You

There is no shortage of news stories gripping the world right now about the unprecedented COVID-19 illness that is wreaking havoc globally. In these countless articles, writers who are far more qualified than I will inform you about the biology, the data, the economics, and the cultural impact of…

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A Date with My Dog

My Valentine is 101 pounds of black furry love. We share a love for the outdoors and can appreciate a great tasting brisket. Her name is Willow, and she’s a one-year-old Newfoundland. Photo courtesy of author. Even in the winter months in Maryland, you can catch a beautiful sunny day perfectly…

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Get Crafty this Holiday Season

After a season of heightened consumerism, nothing helps me recenter quite like making things with my hands. It helps me quiet my mind and refocus my attention on the things that bring me joy. Luckily in Annapolis, whether you’re a crafting newcomer or a celebrated professional, there are plenty of…

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