When it comes to bountiful aquatic resources, we've got a lot to brag about. Anne Arundel County's rivers, streams and coves form over 533 miles of shoreline. We claim the Chesapeake Bay, the nation's largest estuary, as our very own playground. Glimpses of sparkling water can be had even from the middle of downtown Historic Annapolis. It's no wonder countless people come to play on the water here. 

You can too. Whether you're an experienced kayaker, a day-tripping motor boater, an adventurous sailing novice, or anyone else who yearns to spend some time on the Chesapeake Bay or the area's winding inlets, creeks, and rivers that flow to this crown jewel of the Mid-Atlantic, we have the information you need. Whether you’re looking to give paddleboarding a go, book a historic water tour for a unique view of Annapolis, head out to open water on a fishing trip, or find something suitable for the whole family to enjoy, Annapolis is the perfect place to begin.