Story Ideas

Annapolis has many stories to tell: stories of bygone days recounted by historic buildings and sites scattered throughout the city; stories fishermen tell over a pint at a bar about “the one that got away;” and the stories of artists, scholars, soldiers, and statesmen who call Annapolis home. 

Annapolis Harbor Sunset

Destination Annapolis

Follow Visit Annapolis & Anne Arundel County’s Susan Seifried as she invites locals to recount their unique stories through our new podcast series, Destination Annapolis. May the tenacity, ingenuity, and kindness of our locals inspire you to share their message and endeavors with others.

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Annapolis Discovered

We invite you to explore our Annapolis Discovered blog, where our local bloggers tell their stories of the city, new and old. These stories act as inspiration for writers, locals and visitors. Learn more about everything Annapolis & Anne Arundel County has to offer through our writers' genuine love of this county, as they pridefully share their expertise and recommendations. 


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