Annapolis Naval Academy

The Naval Academy has been training officers for the U.S. Navy and the Marine Corps since 1845. Yet for many, the Naval Academy remains shrouded in mystery. Perhaps you've seen the midshipmen in their starched uniforms walking the streets of Downtown Annapolis. You may have heard the chants: Go Navy, Beat Army. Too often, the extent of personal knowledge about the Naval Academy ends there. But there's so much more to know about this tremendous institution that trains men and women to serve our nation as leaders.

There are plenty of ways to learn more about this important American institution and its proud and lengthy history. Explore the Naval Academy campus and go on a guided tour that provides an up-close glimpse of what life as a midshipman is really like. Make a stop at one or more of the campus' impressive attractions, including the midshipmen's Noon Formation, the Naval Academy Museum, the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center, the Naval Academy Chapel, the crypt of naval hero John Paul Jones, and more. Attend a spirited sporting event at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium or the Brigade Sports Complex; Navy Football, Lacrosse, and Hockey are some of the Academy's most popular spectator sports. Take in a cultural event; midshipmen participate in several musical and theatrical performances throughout the year. Visit the Naval Academy website for more information on the Naval Academy history and education programs.

Note: Anyone 18 years old and above need to present two valid forms of ID (e.g., picture ID, passport, credit card, student ID, etc.) to be admitted into the USNA.

One Of Annapolis' Longest Standing Institutions

Welcome to the United States Naval Academy (USNA). Established in 1845, the USNA and its traditions are synonymous with the city of Annapolis. From noon formations to football games held at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, the USNA attracts thousands of visitors a year. Only a short walk down Maryland Avenue from the Maryland State house, the USNA is the perfect way to spend a few hours when in town.

Experience The USNA

Did you know the USNA is open to the public? You don't have to become a midshipman to find out what one's life is like. A guided tour, delivered by a professional, certified guide through the Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center of the Naval Academy, will give you an insider's perspective. Learn fun and unusual facts about midshipmen life, like how the entire brigade of 4,500-plus is served every meal in less than 20 minutes. See where on campus two big, beautiful stained-glass windows by Tiffany are displayed. Check out an actual room where the midshipmen study and sleep. A tour gives you all this and much more.

Naval Academy Attractions

One of the most impressive attractions on the yard is the world-class USNA Museum. This hidden gem welcomes over 100,000 Naval history buffs a year, offering two floors of exhibits exemplifying a history of sea power, the development of the United States Navy, and the role the USNA has played in the Navy's history. There is also the John Paul Jones Crypt, the USNA Chapel, USNA Jewish Chapel, and the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, all open to visitors.

More Information About The Naval Academy

Looking for more to do? Football, lacrosse, and hockey games are a big draw, as is Commissioning Week: graduation week for Midshipmen that’s packed with events like flight demonstrations by the Blue Angels.

Visitors are welcome to browse the Naval Academy at their own pace, or join a tour led by a knowledgeable volunteer. Call the Visitor Center at 410-293-8687 for hours of operation and additional information on tours.

Note: Anyone 18 years old and above needs to present one* valid form of ID (e.g., U.S. Government photo ID, passport, credit card with photo, or student ID, not expired, nor photocopied) to be admitted into the USNA grounds. 

U.S. Naval Academy Museum

As one of the most visited attractions of the Academy, the USNA Museum stands as a reminder of our country’s military history and prowess. Welcoming over 100,000 visitors a year, the Museum offers two stories of world-class exhibits covering...

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