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One of Maryland's most anticipated events of the summer, the Renaissance Festival has a little something for everyone in the family.

The Maryland Renaissance Festival welcomes visitors to immerse themselves in a recreated 16th century English village. Located at 1821 Crownsville Road in Annapolis, the festival and its village are situated on twenty-five acres of woodland with 85 additional aces set aside for free parking. Take a day to wander through 16th century England while experiencing jesters, jousters, knights, live music, and activities. Hailed as the region's premier outdoor event and the second largest Renaissance Festival in the country with over 280,000 visitors a season, you'll discover a new world full of family-fun, entertainment, food, and more at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

The Village People

Dubbed Revel Grove, the festival's 16th century English village is open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays (and Labor Day) from August 25 until October 21. From 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., families are treated to a wide variety of food, music, activities, and entertainment. With nearly 15,000 visitors a day and 1,300 village performers, Revel Grove springs to life each weekend. Performers adorned with ribbons distinguish themselves from visitors as they charm passersby.

Browsing through more than 130 craft shops, forty-two food outlets, five beer stands, five taverns, and endless amusement, visitors are entertained by a wide variety of shows in the pathways. Comedians, jugglers, jesters, magicians and other actors dazzle onlookers in the crowded streets of the village. Ten major stages spread through the village showcase everything from acrobatics to live music and theatrical acts. Fully dressed in 16th century English garb and interacting with the village visitors, the performers wandering the grounds stoke the atmosphere of the 1500s.

Family-Fun Entertainment for All Ages

One of the best ways to get involved in the festivities is to dress the part. Rentals offer adults and their children various costume choices ranging from knights, monks, pirates, Robin Hood, and jesters to wenches, fair maidens, and princesses. After wardrobes are decided on, your newly dressed family of 16th century Englishmen and women are ready to get lost in Revel Grove.

With fun, food, and live entertainment at the Maryland Renaissance Festival, there's no better way to close out the summer with the family. Ticket windows open at 9:30 a.m. before the opening gate ceremony held at 9:45. Visitors will receive a full list of programs upon entrance to help plan a full day of family-fun. Ticket prices and additional information can be found on Maryland Renaissance Festival's website.

With so much to see and such little time, why not make your trip to the Maryland Renaissance Festival a weekend-long adventure? Stay in one of our many hotels after checking out 16th century England and venture into 18th century Annapolis for more family-fun things to do.

Take some time to sit and digest a massive smoked turkey leg while watching an authentic, full-armored jousting competition. Browse the pathways. Drop the kids off at juggling school. Learn how to blow glass. Or lock up an unruly child in the stockade. The streets, stages, and shops are packed with entertainment for the whole family. Free pony rides, a children's activity area, a maze, archery, and juggling classes are just a few pleasures the festival offers to all ages. Visit the Renaissance Festival for more information by clicking HERE.