Main Street

It's All Here

Historic downtown Annapolis is a vibrant, thriving 21st-century neighborhood with 18th-century charm. A walk down Main Street puts you in touch with four centuries of architecture lovingly preserved. There's a contagious energy in the air here that some call addictive. Look in any direction and you'll find something to pique your imagination - eye catchers including the Chesapeake Bay, Midshipmen in dress whites, historic landmarks, shops, and restaurants of every size and description. And that's just for starters! Located between Church Circle and City Dock, Main Street can’t be missed with its ever-busy sidewalks, views of the Annapolis Harbor, and bustling shops.

Main Street is as assortment of everything that Annapolis has to offer, and a great point to start a day in town. Nightlife, dining, art, and shopping take center stage on Main Street. Tucked away on this historic street are dozens of restaurants, shops, bars and art galleries, offering shoppers plenty of options to choose from no matter what you’re looking for. Visitors will also find a handful of cafés, ice cream parlors, a bookstore, and souvenir shops.