Maryland Day

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Four Rivers Heritage Area has partnered with regional heritage organizations and businesses to celebrate the founding of Maryland.

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Maryland Day Celebrations

Celebrate Maryland's birthday this year with a weekend long celebration of its art, heritage and culture in-person and online. This is the perfect 3-day weekend of things to do to crawl out of winter hibernation and explore Maryland. For more information and a full list of events by date, visit Maryland Day online. 

Maryland's birthday is officially on March 25th, a state holiday that commemorates the formal founding of the colony of Maryland, when settlers from England celebrated a Mass of Thanksgiving on St. Clement’s Island in what is now St. Mary’s County, Maryland.



More on Maryland Day Weekend Activities

This year will include over 30 in-person or virtual events within Anne Arundel County to celebrate. Take advantage of the many different tours, historical landmarks, story times and more that are free or only $1 per person. This makes it an affordable weekend to get out and explore Maryland with your family and friends.

Some of the participating businesses include the Annapolis Maritime MuseumMaryland Hall for the Creative Arts, the Charles Carroll House, Watermark Tours, Chesapeake Children's MuseumBanneker-Douglas Museum, and Historic Londontown and Gardens.

Maryland Day is funded by the Four Rivers Heritage Partnership, managed by the Chesapeake Children's Museum and marketed by Evans Management LLC.

Annapolis Discovered

Get a taste for what is to be experienced on Maryland Day Weekend through the Annapolis Discovered blog. From video walk-throughs of the State House to interviews with the Tall Ships captains that drop anchor at City Dock - there is much to be learned about the centuries old city of Annapolis, Maryland.